Study Stresses Need To Redesign Crossings

These E-ricks Were Introduced Without Any Type Approval And Letting Them Ply Will Seriously Compromise Safety

Say Vehicles Can Be Useful As Paratransit Mode, But Need To Be Regulated

A day after being asked by Delhi high court to regulate e-rickshaws, the Centre has prepared guidelines for these battery-operated vehicles which would be included in a separate regulation within t

Accidents Claim 23 Leopards In 60 Months, 9 Near Bangalore Alone, Says Study

Vehicle safety experts and traffic cops have welcomed the ban on e-rickshaws, saying the vehicles have become a nuisance on the city roads as it's tough to control them in absence of any law.

The Delhi high court on Thursday ordered an immediate ban on plying of e-rickshaws in the city, saying that “unregulated plying of the vehicles on Delhi roads is prima facie a hazard to other traff

In an affidavit filed before the Delhi High Court on Wednesday, the Delhi government has said that e- rickshaws were a “public service vehicle” which would be regulated under the Central Motor Vehi

To clarify its stand by July 31 on how to regulate them

Punjab Government on Wednesday constituted a committee to prepare a blueprint of State Road Safety Policy within one month’s time.