BHOPAL: Amid reports of depleting number of vultures from Indian skies and proposed submergence of its habitat in Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh is carrying out its first ever vulture populati

Carnivorous birds, which help stem spread of disease by eating carcasses that would otherwise rot, targeted by poachers

Africa's vultures are vanishing, according to a report released on Thursday, a situation that could affect human health and livestock since populations of other scavengers such as rats and jackals

The recent sighting of a considerably large flock of vultures in the Amangarh forest range of Bijnor district has thrilled wildlife enthusiasts and forest officials.

Use of Ketoprofen to be discontinued in Erode, Coimbatore, The Nilgiris

After a ban on multi-vial drugs of Diclofenac by the Centre, now the State government has withdrawn Ketoprofen, a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used extensively for veterinary purposes

In order to generate love for wildlife among people, the state government has launched a scheme for the adoption of birds or animals.

Amidst spiking pollution levels and reeling under dengue cases, the city has something to cheer about. The Egyptian vulture – which had disappeared from the city – seemed to have made a come back.

BHOPAL: Besides tiger habitat, 60% habitat of vultures, especially endangered Egyptian vulture, will be submerged in proposed Ken Betwa (KB) river link project in Panna tiger reserve of Madhya Prad

KARACHI: When top officials of the Sindh wildlife, environment and livestock departments are not serious about undertaking projects to save species going extinct, there is little hope for organisat