The use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam war maimed US soldiers as well. A first hand account

In the West African republic of Cote d'Ivoire everyone except ordinary citizens prefer war to peace. Government figures, rebels, businessmen and members of the security forces are some of the groups

Pentagon evades green laws

Civil society groups

Jehadi groups in Pakistan have their coffers full with collections, post-Id. The source of their earnings: some of the over 3 million hides of animals sacrificed during the Islamic festival and

Embedded as in reporters assigned to accompany military units during the Iraq war beat out blog and SARS as the top word of 2003, according to US website

Even as the government of Angola, mulls over a second draft of a legislation on land rights, aid and humanitarian organisations point out it could become a source of major future conflict. Tensions over land ownership are on the rise, as millions of Angol

Our world did change in 2003. The US war on Iraq made sure that the rules of engagement were changed, perhaps for a long time to come. The change I see most visible is that the world has become

Even as the us goes global in its agenda to tackle religious terrorism, domestic media has started zooming in on militancy of a new kind eco terrorism

Neither the World Bank nor the US and the United Nations (un) are popular around the world. While there is still some hope of the World Bank being viewed favourably in the international community, the us drastically needs to do something about its image a