A preachy America and a prickly India are both mouthing off over the world food crisis. Some of India's political leadership was foaming at the mouth on Saturday after misconstruing US President George Bush's remark that increasing prosperity in India had led to better diets, greater demand, and increasing prices, all of which had contributed to the global food crisis.

Rising food prices may derail biofuels policy

Energy: Using photosynthesis to capture exhaust gases from power plants could reduce the emissions produced by coal-fired stations T7 OR its supporters, the idea of growing 17 single-celled algae on exhaust gas piped from power stations is the ultimate in recycling. For its detractors, it is a mere pipe dream.

• Washington DC-based Energy Action Coalition is teaming with MTV to encourage US university students to demand their schools get more energy from renewable energy sources. Schools will compete

An exhibition of Indian wildlife photographer Subhankar Banerjee s highly acclaimed snapshots of Alaska has been bumped from a prime spot near the rotunda of Washington dc s National Museum of Natural History...

the lawn waste recycling industry in the us is alarmed after traces of Clopyralid,

Concerned by high levels of smog in the Washing

An unique sea-floor observatory to keep a watch on two under-sea volcanoes is in the offing near the coasts ofWashington and Oregon in the US. Part of the National Science Foundation's RIDGE

Are exercises like brisk walking and cycling safe for people suffering from acute hypertension? Yes, says a recent study. High blood pressure and the amounts of medicine used to treat it can both be reduced with moderate exercising on a regular basis

The United Nation's 50th anniversary celebrations in New York (October 2224) were a time of reckoning. Member nations faced the stark reality of a financially straitened UN - a total of US $3.3