Udhagamandalam: In keeping with the ongoing efforts in the tea sector to bring down the cost of production by promoting alternative energy sources, an initiative to produce energy from human waste was set in motion by the Tea Board at the Highfield Estate near Coonoor on Thursday.

With the 22 December 2008 collapse of a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) ash pond in Kingston, Tennessee, and the arrival of the Obama administration the following month, the regulatory ground is shifting in regards to coal combustion waste (CCW), the millions of tons of waste left over each year from burning coal for electricity. The U.S.

It used to be made by Native Americans, but now "terra preta" [black earth] is going industrial under the name "biochar". With modern technology, a number of research institutions are working on ways to compress organic waste products into a coal-like substance.

Fifty miles east of Los Angeles, a small and inconspicuous facility is using something most of us would rather not think about -- household sewage -- to create a resource we can't live without -- fuel.

The physicochemical characteristics of flyash and vermicomposted flower waste were analysed and ten different treatments consisting of various combinations of flyash, vermicompost and chemical fertili

santiago sierra's artwork, currently showing at Lisson Gallery in London, can safely be called revolutionary. Exhibits consisting of rectangular solid blocks neatly organized on the gallery floor

Three rooms of London's Lisson Gallery are currently home to 21 blocks of recycled human waste.&nbsp I walk in between them, passing my fingers over the surface of one, round the corner of

Disposal of untreated wastes into land and water bodies from tanneries results in air and water pollution as well as emission

flyash, the notorious waste product of coal-based thermal power plants, known for its ill effects on agricultural land, may now come as an aid for the farming community. Scientists of

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (mcgm) is expected to spend almost Rs 500 crore to develop waste processing technologies and scientifically manage its dumpyards at Gorai, Deonar, Mulund