in yet another indictment of incineration technology, the waste-to-energy plant at Vijayawada recently stopped operations. There is now no functional incineration-based waste-to-energy plant in the

conversation stoppers: Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US have developed a new strategy to fight bacterial infections. They have designed a group of small organic molecules

The mafia s control of garbage business

Waste can fuel savings in cement plants

Waste can power vehicles

A senior technical manager says there is a lot of money to be made in management of industrial waste

the Municipal Corporation of Dehi ( mcd ) has finally found a productive way of getting rid of the city's garbage. In a month's time, the first private-run compost plant is likely to begin

A Japanese company has developed a system that is capable of generating almost twice as much energy from compressed pellets of pulverised household waste as all other systems currently available. The

RECENT research in Indonesia has revealed that urban waste and bagasse from sugar cane can be used to generate electricity, reports Dewi Sartika for Panos Features. This would also help solve the

IN THE near future, plastic won't be an environmental pejorative. The Japan Corn Starch Co Ltd, in collaboration with US business firm Grand River Technologies of Michigan, will produce a fully