Waste incineration and recycling are releasing large amounts of

greenpeace has proposed environment-friendly methods for waste management in the Mediterranean. In a recently released report, it has suggested an infrastructure for selective collection,

what Milan, the northern Italian city, has been able to achieve during a crisis, might offer a ready solution to other European Union (eu) nations. The city was able to triple its collection of

Solid waste management could benefit from adopting the traditional method of decentralised composting

KARACHI and Lahore, the 2 major metros in Pakistan, need extensive cosmetic surgery. A Panos Features report says that Karachi generates 5,000 tonnes of garbage a day and only about a 3rd of it is

In Bombay, simple technologies are being used to convert garbage into fuel and biofertilisers.

As the world wakes up to to the crisis of Ocean Plastic, India plans on a complete ban on single use plastic by 2022. Times Now looks at how India is planning to fight the plastic epidemic.

No ban on single use plastic, only awareness programs. No definitive timelines either. Are we any closer to finding alternatives for the single use plastic? Are we really prepared for plastic ban?

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने सिंगल यूज प्लास्टिक के इस्तेमाल करने को कम करने के की लोगों से अपील की है. उन्होंने रेलवे, एयरपोर्ट और ऑफिस दफ्तरों से इसका कम से कम या नहीं करने की अपील की है. इस संबंध में जागरुकता फैलाने के लिए पीएम मोदी ने बनारस में 700 प्रधानों को चिट्ठी लिखी है.ये फैसला अच्छा है लेकिन सवाल उठता है कि इस चुनौती से निपटने के लिए हमारा समाज और लोग कितने तैयार हैं?

An important announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday on the need to ban single-use plastic was made at a global convention to combat climate change and desertification. The stark reality of sudden, unpredictable climactic events is upon the world, and it's time to work to save the planet. This is no exaggeration, says environment researcher Sunita Narayan as she discusses the threats the world faces due to climate change, intense rain, heat events, dust storms and depletion of groundwater.