The British government has launched a project to recycle nearly 40 per cent of its old newspapers and magazines into high-quality news-print by the year 2000. The project will also help reduce the

Wastefrom animal farms can now be recycled into fish food

A former cop shows a simple way to keep Delhi clean and green

a novel method of managing food waste from school meals has not only generated economic and environmental dividends, but also established a kinship between urban and rural people. The food waste is

After paper and plastic, it is the turn of car parts to be recycled

Microorganisms prove effective in recycling old tyres stockpiled in landfill areas

thanks to the Reserve Bank of India (rbi), the colour of money now will

Wood can now be produced from waste. The UK's Save Wood Products Limited has come up with a product called durawood that combines the properties of wood and plastic. Derived from recycled polystyrene

Proctor and Gamble Company is developing a method that it hopes will lead to the largescale and rapid composting of most non-recyclable solid wastes. Its researchers at the Winton Hill Technical

the Japanese (who else?) are stealing a march over other industrialised nations in recycling. While earlier it was the law for the promotion of utilisation of recy