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25 Sep 2010
At a recent Interdisciplinary Group Meeting in UTTIPEC (, I gave a presentation on the path that planners, engineers and designers in the government should/ could take to achieve the World Class City goals of Delhi.

A growing number of advocates have argued that leasing is a

Sandeep Dikshit & Narayan Lakshman

NEW DELHI/WASHINGTON: India and the United States have agreed to the arrangement and procedures under which the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel will take place at two stand-alone safeguarded sites. New Delhi also retains the right to make additions and modifications.

With the 22 December 2008 collapse of a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) ash pond in Kingston, Tennessee, and the arrival of the Obama administration the following month, the regulatory ground is shifting in regards to coal combustion waste (CCW), the millions of tons of waste left over each year from burning coal for electricity. The U.S.

Industrial designer Virginia Gardiner has designed not just a new toilet, but a new closed-loop management system that will allow individuals to, basically, recycle their poop. Yeah, I just said that.

But give her idea a few minutes of your attention, because it's really not as gnarly as it sounds.

Waste heat from industrial plants and electricity-generating stations represents a huge amount of lost energy. David Lindley finds out what engineers and regulators need to do to get it back.

The EU offers a solution to disposal and recycling of CFLs. Under its Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive of 2005, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to collect and recycle the spent bulbs. Collection of these bulbs can take place at the point of sale or at e-waste collection points. The customer can return the CFL from where he or she bought it. Manufacturers have

In a unique effort to recycle wasted energy, 8 teams of British eco-enthusiasts participated in a car rally from London to Athens in vehicles fueled by waste vegetable oil.