Proposal to clamp down on plastic carrybags and wrappers in Tamil Nadu

Efforts to reduce the impact of business and industry on nature are falling short, reveals a new United Nations Environment Programme (unep) report. Very few companies in each industry are actively

people will soon have to pay more for solid waste. Trash facility operators in Virginia will be charged a higher fee of us $5 per tonne of solid waste. Virginia governor Mark Warner

• Kochi has been selected as one of the centres for a major study, undertaken by the US-based Oakridge National Laboratory, to measure the phenomenon of global warming. • An

The convoluted laws of the country fail to tackle the menace caused by the exponentially growing and powerful plastic industry in India

Of your waste, the government needs to tell the plastic industry. Other countries have done so. At times, to developing nations detriment. India needs to learn and adapt

Rubble from World Trade Center arrives in India to a hostile reception by environmentalists

The Bangladesh government sends thin plastic bags packing, but has Dhaka seen the last of them? Pinaki Roy on the ban s efficacy

An exhaustive life cycle analysis of players in the Indian caustic chlorine sector and its impact on environment. Deals extensively with the alarming issue of mercy pollution, its deadly effects. A comparative study with the global scenario.

GRP followed a life cycle analysis and set up parameters in accordance