Automakers score high on compliance. Only because the regulations are too lax

More than a 100 million tonnes of plastic is produced world-wide each year. Though plastics have opened the way for a plethora of new inventions and devices it has also ended up clogging the drains

New rules to restrict the use of plastic in India may end up promoting the polymer industry

The Indian government comes out with the draft rules for recycling lead acid batteries. Their effectiveness is questionable

Researchers in the US have developed a highly efficient paper recycling process

Electronic giant NEC of Japan

Eco friendly clothes look cool on the ramp model, but how long will they stay in vogue?

Industrial activity threatens the wetlands of east Calcutta

RECYCLING of plastic waste is crucial for efficient management of environment. Recognising this, Plastindia, an organisation of the plastic manufacturers in India has decided to fund the setting up

To examine the possibility of recycling urban waste to provide cheap fuel to the poorer sections of urban population, the Supreme Court has ordered a solid waste management commission in Class I