The third round of negotiations among the 10 African riparian states of the Nile to establish an institutional and legal framework on the sharing of the river's waters was held in Kampala, Uganda,

An eighteenth century canal system in Pune remains fresh despite long disuse

Solution to crisis: start planning now

What’s eating up the state’s water

More than 2,000 mm of rain in 2003 but crops destroyed and farmers committing suicide; crores spent on 31 irrigation projects but villages going thirsty; 44 rivers but groundwater is sinking. After travelling through Kerala, T V JAYAN finds a drought ami

No. In the last 100 years, global population tripled, but freshwater use increased sixfold

Of India's 18 major rivers, 17 are inter state. In all cases, the water is intensely fought over. In all cases, there seems no resolution. In such a situation, can modern India take a page or two out of the traditional water manager's unwritten manual on

India plans to develop its water resources by interlinking its Himalayan rivers with those in the peninsular region through 30 interlinking canal systems. Already, the project has raised controversy and debate. Interlinking rivers is now a matter of South

Thirty years of planning, 15 years of construction, ten years of promises and Rs 15,000 crore later, the Sardar Sarovar Project is finally functioning officially. But...

SSP was originally and primarily an irrigation and hydropower project. Today there is a shift in focus: one talks only of drinking water