The news is out: water levels in Mumbai are over 15 per cent less than last year. It might seem routine but it has the city up in arms. Mumbaikars have hit the roads demonstrating on the painful summer that came in early this year. The Brihanmumbai Munici

New global models provide the opportunity to generate quantitative information about the world water situation. Here the WaterGAP 2 model is used to compute globally comprehensive estimates about water availability, water withdrawals, and other indicators on the river-basin scale.

At a time when river networking is being touted as a panacea for the entire country’s water woes, the tide of opinion in Karnataka is turning against the concept. The dissent is moored to a proposed local scheme to divert Nethravathi river

The Rule of Water Statecraft, Ecology and Collective Action in South India By David Mosse Published by Oxford University Press New Delhi 2003 Rs 675

An index that also uses socio economic parameters

The Krishna river waters have changed course. They are suddenly flowing in the reverse direction, from the lower riparian state of Karnataka to Maharashtra which is an upper riparian state. But the

Ajit Jogi, Chhattisgarh chief minister, has announced an enquiry into the legality of India"s first private project to supply water to industry from the Sheonath river. Speaking at a press conference after a cabinet meeting on January 21 in Ambikapur, Sar

River waters are contested ground. What is needed is an equity based agenda

It's a battle for the basics now between Israelis and Palestinians. Israeli infrastructure minister Effie Eitam has ordered a ban on all water drilling by Palestinians in West Bank. He alleges that

Does the concept of interlinking India's rivers hold water? The debate rages on...