ANNA HAZARE bids a heavy hearted farewell to the late Vilasrao Salunkhe, better known as pani baba . Salunkhe s revolutionary concept of pani panchayats worked on one simple precept: water is a common property resource an

Dada, as a child in a Marathi family, was a witness to the discordant practices. But unlike most people, he couldn't turn a Nelson's eye to existing conventions. Finally in 1958, he founded Swadhyaya

He shares his name with the father of the nation. But that's not where the similarity ends. If an incident in South Africa was to change Mahatma Gandhi's life forever, Gujarat's second Bapu's

Village Hatiyaniki. Fifteen-odd people have gathered to discuss water harvesting activities in the vicinity. But there's just one face among the crowd, which is conspicuous enough to attract

The saffron clad sadhus and former dacoits now find a ritual for social restructuring and acceptance: water harvesting. They are building "temples of water" instead of temples of stone. Water harvesting has brought the new age Valmikis dignity and res

Modesty could very well be his second name. Seventy-one check dams, 55 percolation tanks, 33 ponds, 22 nullahs and 60 gully plugging - 241 rainwater harvesting projects in just nine months. But

"I took the responsibility of spreading water harvesting because of two reasons. One, it would have ensured water in the scarce areas," he says. For equally important for him was the "opportunity it

Loopholes surface in Goa s new groundwater regulation

In a landmark decision, the SC directed the Punjab government to expeditiously construct the Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal to give effect to the Eradi Commission Award on sharing of river water

the land of the mighty Chomolungma (Mt Everest) and the mother of many 8,000-metre-high snow-capped peaks, Nepal has no less than 6,000 odd fast-flowing rivers and a total annual outflow of 150