This book analyses the variations between and within tanks - in the distribution of water to different segments of the command and in productivity.

The Haleji lake plays host to over 100,000 migratory water fowls of over 230 species during winters. The lake is threatened with extinction due to a fall in water level and weeds. Earlier, the level

Water is being rationed in Sao Paulo

The Supreme Court has ordered Haryana and Punjab to supply an additional 125 cusecs of water from the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) project to Delhi through its canals to ease the water

For every administrator, there is a lesson to be learnt from Gujarat s drought. Specially since this dry spell has been brought about more due to water mismanagement than an erratic monsoon

A violent protest by peasants against rising

Delegates came and talked but failed to arrive at any conclusions at the World Water Forum

Five special type of deep-tubewells are being installed in Sherpur municipal area in Bangladesh to supply arsenic-free water to the residents. The 305-metre deep tube wells were inaugurated by

Faulty policies drained north China of its water. Now a project to bring water hundreds of kilometres from the south has been mooted

the Haryana government has sanctioned Rs 8.88 crore for 21 sewerage and water supply schemes for the villages and towns in the district of Fatehabad. Also in the pipeline are six more schemes