THIS is a carefully researched study of the extent of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the Jordan river waters. The subject has been examined in a non-partisan manner not only in the

Findings of a panel report on crop conditions in the Cauvery river basin and the delta may suggest water pricing as one of the remedial measures to solve the region's problems

The watermark offailure on the Government of India's mantle glares everybody in theface, as two warring riparian states flex their muscles in the absence of an effective national water management policy

OCCAMISM and chicanery marked the latest in the annual ritual of the Cauvery dispute, with the Prime Minister, P V Narasimha Rao, ordering Karnataka to release six thousand million cubic feet

THE Egyptians are ready for battle to protect what they consider their nature- al right over the river Nile. The threat comes from neighbouring Sudan, which shares the river and has declared its

Panama is reeling under a water shortage crisis that can attain monumental proportions in future, if the largescale environmental degradation resulting from indiscriminate commercial logging is not

The draft irrigation management policy prepared by the Central Water Commission aims to boost agricultural yield in places where the water potential exceeds the land potential, through

The growing problems in providing adequate drinking water to urban populations is a consequence of the lack of long-term planning and inefficient management of urban water usage.

NGOs want an integrated approach to solve water disputes between nations and prevent programme duplication

A 25-year-old dispute over sharing of the Yamuna waters has at last been settled with Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi signing an agreement on March 12 -- reached after