This year, Chandra Nagar village in Savli tehsil of Vadodara district got water from the SSP. It received water for the third year in succession. And for the third consecutive year, water did not reach the village service area as promised. The plan was: each water users' association at the service area would be supplied.

I write this because of the continued ineptness of its policies. It makes us lose time and direction again and again. Just look at the latest so called water privatisation programme of the Bank and

Under the Millennium Development Goals MDG of the United Nations UN , it has been agreed to halve the number of people without access to safe drinking water by 2015. The Johannesburg Plan of

On December 23, 2003 the World Bank approved us $166 million for three projects in Afghanistan to rebuild rural areas, improve farmers' water supply and beef up the customs system. A major chunk of

• Kochi has been selected as one of the centres for a major study, undertaken by the US-based Oakridge National Laboratory, to measure the phenomenon of global warming. • An

Jabalpur s shrinking lakes needs sincere planning and community participation

PLANET Earth would have been an utterly lifeless blob of space debris if it hadn"t been for the water that covers 70 per cent of its surface. But for reasons that have to do with both corporate human greed and amazing myopia, the vanguard of "modern" civi

Modern practices are threatening to break up an unusual water tapping and water sharing process in Himachal Pradesh. Devised hundreds of years ago, it converted barren land in Spiti into fertile fields.