An ambitious riverfront development project has been drawing many visitors in Kolkata. The Millennium Park runs along Strand Road, for a kilometre on the eastern bank of the Hooghly river and has

As the cleanup of the decade-old mercury pollution in Nura river started in Kazakhstan, environmentalists emphasised the need for extreme caution. Mercury had been discharged in the river over many

back in 2000, there was a strategy (the Water Framework Directive, wfd) to deal with chemical pollution in water. Now, in 2007, steps are being taken to establish overall environmental quality

Nitrogen is an important nutrient in domestic and industrial wastewater and its elevated concentration in the wetland promotes explosive growth of algae. The decomposition of the algae leads to an excessive growth of bacteria, utilizing and dissolved oxygen from water. This process of rapid algal growth leading to oxygen-starved waters is known as eutrophication.

rajasthan's Barmer district administration is on a drive to shut down all erring textile colouring and printing units in Balotara area since February 1, 2007. The step comes a year too late. The

RELIGIOUS gatherings such as the Ardh Kumbh at Allahabad always test the organisational mettle of local administrative bodies. This event happens once in six years at the sangam (confluence) of the

Every society must understand how the excreta it produces is managed. It teaches us many things about water, about waste, about technologies to clean, economics and politics: of who is subsidised to defecate in our societies. But, most importantly, it teaches us humility. We know so little about our own world.

The Argentinian government has once again unveiled a comprehensive clean-up project for the river La Matanza, better known as Riachuelo, and declared its pollution an "environmental emergency'. In

Municipal authorities in Indian cities have mastered the art of providing piped water at any cost

Ganga Action Plan