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Beijing has adopted a resolution to protect trees which are facing a threat from urban expansion programmes. This is for the first time that a legislative method has been used by the Beijing

Over 70 people have died in Nepal due to viral encephalitis, commonly reffered to as brain fever, during the past one month. Majority of these deaths occured in southern parts of Nepal bordering the

WHAT caused the influenza pandemic of 1918 and early 1919 in which 20 million to 40 million people died worldwide and why did so many die in the islands of Spitsbergen, situated in the high Artic

...says the Union government to the World Commission on dams

WITH some 10.7 million hectares of woodlands and forests, which is almost one-third of its total area, Germany has one of the biggest forest cover in Europe. From three per cent of land under timber

The devaluation of Indonesian currency in the international market has come as a boom to the farmers. Due to the devaluation of the rupiah, the US dollar based exports have become more valuable.

India is going to receive a technical assistance of US $14 million from the UNDP to strengthen its leather, fibre and handicrafts sections. The UNDP and the government of India signed two US $7

Australia vetoes UN declaration granting indigenous people the right to "self determination"

TWO young students have developed a computerised glove which can convert the deafmute alphabet into speech and another has invented a blind person's stick which can "hear" obstacles. As part of a

Water supplies in a drought-stricken province in central Vietnam are running out fast, triggering growing fears of health hazards. Quang Tri province has already appealed for emergency aid as it