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THE sight of young forests in a dry desert is a breathtaking sight. Marusthal par vijay is the story of the Haryana Forest Department's afforestation efforts to block the sinister advance of the Thar

Even cattle dare not ingest the water of the Naini lake

Under the unseeing eyes of the city's civic bodies, over 500 factories in North Delhi are severely polluting the groundwater which is used for domestic purposes. Equally reassuring for the errants is

WHAT are the alternatives with us to rectify the imbalance in power generation in the future? To date, we have not only failed to generate power optimally from our existing resources, we have also

THE inky blue waves of the Bay of Bengal wash the shores of one of the most beautiful archipelagos anywhere. But the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar (A&N) Islands is much more than just a

Texaco, the us-based giant oil company, is in the line of fire as Peruvian rainforest Indians plan to drag it to court on charges of polluting their land and thereby increasing cancer infection

Environmental engineers at the Tampere University of Technology, Finland, have successfully demonstrated an efficient method to clean up chlorophenol-contaminated groundwater without first having to

A technology mission for the leather industry has been set up to stop the West's green consumerists from seeing red. The mission, with an allocation of Rs 20 crores, came into operation from January

FOUR related phenomena threaten to increase the water crisis in the 21st century: a natural upper limit to the availability of fresh water; increasing population; pollution; and delay in completing

Friday namaz congregations in Pakistan may never be the same again. Alarmed by the rising incidence of AIDS, plans are afoot to have religious leaders deliver sermons on the disease. The government