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One of the main reasons given for nationalising the coalmines of India was to protect workers from accidents. What followed was large scale destruction of the environment. Now, the danger is not just from accidents that kill. For the residents of coal tow

The future adequacy of freshwater resources is difficult to assess, owing to a complex and rapidly changing geography of water supply and use. Numerical experiments combining climate model outputs, water budgets, and socioeconomic information along digitized river networks demonstrate that (i) a large proportion of the world's population is currently experiencing water stress and (ii) rising water demands greatly outweigh greenhouse warming in defining the state of global water systems to 2025.

Despite bureaucratic hurdles, a non governmental organisation hope to bring to book an erring paper mill in Punjab

Maharashtra and Gujarat. The brightest jewels in India s industrial crown. But impressive industrial growth figures fail to hide the grim realities of environmental pollution. While, the state governments are only bothered about industrial growth, the civ

A couple of decades from now, the West may have to combat an unprecedented water crisis. Contamination and wastage will only hasten the process

Wildlife authorities in Assam are set to conduct a week-long census at all wildlife habitats in the state to estimate the tiger population. This is part of a countrywide tiger census to be taken up

The level of pollution due to vehicular emissions is falling throughout the UK

Scientists may grow genetically identical monkeys

A hotel manager faces a jail term for not complying with pollution norms

Hydrogen is considered by many as the fuel for the future. It is clean, inexpensive and plentiful. However, it is very dangerous to store. Now, scientists at the Massachusetts Insti