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An epidemic of

Some steps in the process of making liquid-crystal displays for laptop computers can be eliminated, making their manufacturing simpler, suggest V Vorflusev and S Kumar of the department of physics,

CADILLAC IN AUTORACE: Traditional American luxury automaker Cadillac will compete in the grueling 24-hour Le Mans auto race in June 2000. Cadillac officials, who disclosed

the Japanese government is considering revising its guidelines on gene therapy. The present rules, which were introduced in 1994, limits researchers to its use only for treatment of

Cities are known to generate a lot of waste and contribute in a major way to water and air pollution. They have become a major source of concern in the 20th century. City authorities will have to be

Women spend much more time working than men in virtually every society for which time use studies are

Surgeon Volkmar Falk demonstrates heart bypass surgery using a robot in the German city of Leipzig, Saxony. This is the first interdisciplinary

The city of Shangqiu in central China's Henan Province is still polluting the Huaihe River. The river is a famous waterway in central and east China, and it runs through several provinces. The

The Supreme Court has issued notice to the Union

The industrialised countries are producing an enormous amount of garbage. Western Europe