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The danger of tampered hydrants looms large in Karachi, reported The Dawn recently. Usually, the cover of a hydrant is removed for facilitating easy drawing of water. This results in water

Apathy towards China s environmental degradation may seem a thing of the past. But the damage that has already occurred places a daunting task before the Chinese

Bacteria help precipitate arsenic from the surface water that springs out of mining sites

A series of articles discuss the effects of environmental pollution on public health.


The Gulf waters are turning murkier day by day with illegal waste being dumped by ships in sea, mak ing it unfit for marine life. Wastes from large vessels, which sail through the Gulf or

Introns, which till recently were seen just as junk DNA, might be playing an important role in coding

Ceramics are neat, but their production results in the release of tonnes of hazardous chemicals every year. Now a new research shows how to do the job cleanly

The p53 protein's association with tumours is probed further, leading to revelations about tumour growth

This ceramic defies convention and shrinks while it heats. Scientists are optimistic of using this property to make durable electronic circuits

Recent work in the field of differentiation puts forth new facts about DIF, a morphogen