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Tourists bound for Thailand, beware. The sun-baked, tropical beaches there may transport you to the other world - literally. Alarming levels of cyanide have been found by environmental

The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) recently carried out the third annual nationwide bird count in India, targeting the commonly seen or heard species. The campaign was aimed at

Geneva Observatory astronomers Study spectral lines in the visible spectrum and detect a planet thefirst to be observed outside our own planetary system orbiting a sun like star. The finding might lead to inflow of fresh data on planetary evoluti

THE battle against the dreaded AlDs disease may yet be won. The Food and Drug Administration in the us recently approved a new class of drugs which inhibits the ability of the HIV virus to cause

Australian researchers have devised a novel method to deal with caterpillars that create havoc in their cotton fields. They have developed a variety of cotton that kills the caterpillars (New

Lions of Tanzania are facing a serious threat from an unlikely quarter - domestic dogs. Canine distemper spread by these dogs have already killed 100 lions in the Serengeti region of Tanzania

Large-scale episodal mortality among the freshwater fishes of certain
lakes of Bangalore City, Karnataka State, India occurred in June 1995.
We conducted an intensive study of the Sankey Lake which is situated in
Sadashiva Nagar of Bangalore city where fish mortality occurred on quite
a large scale during June - July 1995. These studies reveal that the fish-

Weeds are more often a nuisance., and so was the case with Banmara or Eupatorium adenophorum which was the bane of farmers in the eastern Himalaya and Uttar Pradesh. Shunned even by

IN A damning revelation, Bellona, the Norwegian environmental group, has disclosed that dozens of Russian nuclear ftiel containers carrying a large amount of radioactive matter which had

A link has been established between aging and cell division by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, California. Earlier tests had shown that cells growing in culture medium stopped