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SCIENTISTS, physicians and surgeons in Bangladesh have formed a human tissue bank with the aim of persuading the government to remove legal hurdles in collecting human body parts for treatment,

AIR, WATER, garbage, radon toxicity, sludge, noise. More than a part of our daily lives, these are perennial if hackneyed jargon. Few people would love to begin their mornings with them, fewer would

THE LUNAWA lagoon in southwest Sri Lanka is being polluted by various dyes and toxic chemicals being discharged by industries, especially textile plants, writes Tinil Fernando for Biosphere. The

Municipal authorities in Thrissur, Kerala, have been accused of dilly-dallying though a deadly chemical has reportedly flowed into the town's drinking water reservoir, resulting in at least 30

Municipal authorities in Delhi deny they were responsible for the deaths of eight people caused by contaminated water

As confusion reigns over how municipal water in three Agra localities was contaminated, self appointed social workers are trying to exploit the tragedy.

AS THE first president of the International Green Cross (IGC) -- an organisation that has been set up to help victims of human-made disasters and is to have offices at Geneva and The Hague --

RIGHT on the heels of the Tomsk-7 nuclear disaster, the British weekly, The Observer, reports Russia has been dumping nuclear reactors at sea and plutonium from nuclear warheads is posing a threat

Despite indications that it may take longer, China is doggedly pursuing its goal of becoming a GATT member this year.

DID YOU know the total UN budget for 1992 was just US $5.2 billion? That's less than the cost of two Stealth bombers, but still enough to pay for all the UN programmes to care for children, feed