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Wastewater pollution from industries could now easily be monitored by using a new BODSEED technology. Researchers at the Centre for Biochemical Technology (CBT), New Delhi, have devised this

Today environmental pollution has assumed serious proportions and become a big problem because the built-in balance has been disturbed by the industrialization and the philosophy of conquest of nature through exploration and exploitation of natural resources by man to the advantage of mankind. This report contains the Environmental status of Jaipur city, Rajasthan, India.

Transmission of data through electric cables could soon be possible

norwegian environmental engineers say that at least half a million people on the Kola peninsula in northern Russia are drinking water contaminated with raw sewage and heavy metals. They warn that

Bangladesh has launched a survey to find the effects of arsenic pollution in underground water in rural areas. The survey to be conduc

Passenger aircraft in the future may fly without wind screens for pilots to peer through. The National Aerona

The Madras High Court has issued notice to the Union and the state government on a petition for stopping construction of a multi-storeyed building in the Santhome area near Adyar creek in

A public meeting held in Kerala criticised a Birla owned factory for doing nothing to control the pollution it is causing

A strain of the virus that causes bird influenza has been implicated in the death of a three year old boy in Hong Kong. The case, though isolated, has sent alarm bells ringing

Monkeypox is an enzootic disease (prevalent in animals of a particular area) that circulates in monkeys in the rainforests of central and western Africa. It was previously believed that the virus