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Did you think that chocolates are safe for your child? Think again. Chocolate firms are under scrutiny in California. Recently, the American Environmental Safety Institute, an environmental group,

new Zealand's four unique frog species are under threat. A notorious toxic fungus called chytrid, blamed for decimating amphibian populations around the world has been found in the country.

The sales of Thai restaurants serving shark's fin soup have declined significantly after an international environmental organisation released a report stating that the mammal's fins contained

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

An ecofriendly way of treating polluted wastewater holds promise for rural India

The deadlock in the construction of Syedabad water treatment plant in Dhaka, the capital

Two managers of a fats recycling firm have been charged with fraud for Europe's dioxin-in-food scare ( Down To Earth , Vol 8, No 4). "There are two people who have been questioned by the judge, a

local environmental groups in South Korea have demanded an end to a large-scale reclamation project now underway on the southwestern coast of the nation. "The project should be scrapped

"Biological pollution" threatens biodiversity

The Pakistani ministry of environment & urban affairs is likely to prepare a roster of experts on persistent organic pollutants {POPs) to keep a watch over their effects on human health. Although the