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An ecofriendly way of treating polluted wastewater holds promise for rural India

The deadlock in the construction of Syedabad water treatment plant in Dhaka, the capital

Two managers of a fats recycling firm have been charged with fraud for Europe's dioxin-in-food scare ( Down To Earth , Vol 8, No 4). "There are two people who have been questioned by the judge, a

local environmental groups in South Korea have demanded an end to a large-scale reclamation project now underway on the southwestern coast of the nation. "The project should be scrapped

"Biological pollution" threatens biodiversity

The Pakistani ministry of environment & urban affairs is likely to prepare a roster of experts on persistent organic pollutants {POPs) to keep a watch over their effects on human health. Although the

Too much of mercury causes infertility in men. And it can also come in the fish you eat

The rodent-like Gilbert Potoroo marsupial, a kangaroo species presumed extinct for more than a century, was rediscovered in south-western Australia by an Australian student who recently trapped a

Since the '70s, camera makers and photography enthusiasts have dreamt of a 1-chip camera that does everything. Thanks to the efforts of 3 scientists from nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the

Take a glass pane that is hit by a cricket ball: it doesn't shatter; it bends, absorbs the impact and snaps back to its original shape. If the recent success of chemists at Du Pont in developing a