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Weeds are more often a nuisance., and so was the case with Banmara or Eupatorium adenophorum which was the bane of farmers in the eastern Himalaya and Uttar Pradesh. Shunned even by

IN A damning revelation, Bellona, the Norwegian environmental group, has disclosed that dozens of Russian nuclear ftiel containers carrying a large amount of radioactive matter which had

A link has been established between aging and cell division by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, California. Earlier tests had shown that cells growing in culture medium stopped

A more proactive World Health Organization (WHO) seems to be in the offing. The Organi- zation intends to set up an earlywarning system El and a rapid reaction force to tackle epidemics. A

Despite its detractors, metal therapy evidently enjoys the confidence of some satisfied users

Depleting gas resources can be overcome by creating natural gas... artificially!

While the Mexican government is lambasting the us for dumping nuclear waste near its borders, it is actually fishing in its own dirty waters. The main polluter has been the national oil giant,

With tastes for organically pro duced food growing by the day, increasing number of Japan farmers swear by organic metho of cultivation. Roughly 3 to 5 n lion people throughout

An Indian Institute of TechnoN Delhi, researcher has devised a, to produce potable water fi impure water using solar ent efficiently. The device, a solar a produces 20 per cent

Industry in Asia's largest chemical unit zone is like a terrorist outfit, devastating the atmosphere and, reportedly, killing people