FALLING OUT: Bangladesh-based Grameen bank, the pioneering micro-credit institution, has fallen out with Monsanto, the agro-chemical combine, just a month after agreeing to a partnership to introduce

This report gives the requirements, methods of sampling and test for natural mineral water offered for sale in packaged form.

This paper explores the potential implications of climate change for the use and management of water resources in Britain. It is based on a review of simulations of changes in river flows, groundwater recharge and river water quality. These simulations imply, under feasible climate change scenarios, that annual, winter and summer runoff will decrease in southern Britain, groundwater recharge will be reduced and that water quality – as characterised by nitrate concentrations and dissolved oxygen contents – will deteriorate.

Researchers at Leicester University, UK, have developed a method to produce clean water using chemicals. This method would be helpful in areas where polluted river water poses serious health risks.

A recent study says that the Ganga Action Plan has led to some improvement in the water quality of the Ganga

A low-cost water quality monitoring kit has been developed by Techno

DIPANKAR CHAKRABORTI, director, School of Environmental Studies, Jadavpur University has done significant work among people affected by Arsenic poisoning in West Bengal. According to him even Parts of Calcutta are affected. One of the ways to combat

This paper attempts to present the linkages between irrigated agriculture, human health and the environment based on a review of data available from Sri Lanka.


The quality of drinking water is to be monitored through district laboratories

International aid agencies and local people do not agree on what tastes like real water