Bangalore’s sewage contaminates Tamil Nadu’s water

On March 19, 2004, over 500,000 bottles of Coca Cola's Dasani bottled water was recalled within 24 hours in the United Kingdom (uk). The Food Standards Agency (fsa), uk's official watchdog for

Standard of living determines a child s height

A multi billion dollar transnational corporation has had to blink first in an eyeball to eyeball dispute with an obscure panchayat of Kerala. On November 17, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Private Limited HCBPL the Goliath of the piece was compelled

Perumatty panchayat s case is statutorily sound

the us' pre-emptive onslaught against Iraq may not have won it many friends, but the Pentagon continues to enjoy the support of a strange bedfellow: the United States Environmental Protection Agency

At a time when the threat of war looms large over Iraq, here s more ammunition for peaceniks to confront warmongers with. The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP recently released the findings of assessments conducted in the violence wracked Occup

'Corporate Responsibility' has died a fancy death at the altar of public relations. A recent chemical analysis of branded packaged drinking water commonly called bottled water conducted by the Pollution Monitoring laboratory of the Centre for Science an

Why are there pesticide residues in bottled water? This isn"t an isolated query. It condenses 3-4 lines of questioning: • What kind of water do companies use as raw material?

A revolution in farming is in the offing across Europe, courtesy the new Water Framework Directive . The order must become a national law across the 15-nation European Union (eu) bloc by the