the second week of November saw south and central Delhi reeling under a severe water crisis because of high levels of ammonia in the Yamuna at the city's water intake point. It led to a reduction in

treated domestic wastewater helps production of carp fish. The nutrients in the sewage are used to develop fish food organisms. Fish food is generally grown in fresh water and the joint research

on health grounds: The Karnataka government plans to use Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd's (KICL) pipeline from Kudremukh to Mangalore for supplying water to Dakshin Kannada and Udipi districts. The

Together with heavy opposition against Beijing hosting the Olympics in 2008 due to increasing air pollution in the country, China faces many other environmental problems. Chinese city officials

A Greenpeace study in St Petersburg, Russia, says 40 per cent of the city's waste is dumped into the Neva river due to shortage of waste treatment facilties. And this has been contaminating fish

>> Abul Hussam, a chemistry professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, was awarded the Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability. The Bangladesh-born US citizen was awarded by the

With the sewage system of Baghdad collapsing recently after four days of incessant rain, the city was left at the mercy of waterborne diseases. In some areas of the city drinking water was getting

Book>> Hindon river

groundwater contamination in Goa's Pilerne industrial estate has led to a drinking water crisis in its surrounding villages. By now, more than 300 residents from Orda and Saipem villages have been

Some male fish in Washington's Potomac river, which provides drinking water to the city, have begun developing female sexual traits. Scientists attribute this to chemical pollution. Preliminary