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india is facing an acute water shortage, and various attempts are being made to overcome the problem. One such effort was made by the government of India when it set up a Hydrology Project in

Tissue engineering may open the way for bladder replacement in patients who have lost their own bladder due to some disease. In a scientific breakthrough, tissue engineers have reconstructed the

kazakh foreign minister Kasymzhomart Tokayev played down concerns that China's plans to siphon-off water from the Irtysh river would cause economic and ecological damage in the ex-Soviet

D K Chaddha , chairperson, Central Ground Water Authority CGWA , New Delhi, talks to Jitendra Verma on the state of groundwater in India

There is more to the seemingly-na

Go grab a slice of pizza and be liberal with the ketchup. The tomato paste may help prevent many types of cancers

... frog legs to fulfil the gastronomic tastes of the West

A study of ice cores from the Himalaya reveal a substantial rise

The growth of wind energy is fastest among all renewable sector energy sources

A new technique helps recover metals from water. It could be toxic metals, or even gold