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Brazil is set to challenge the controversial us farm subsidy programme. It is likely to file a case with the World Trade Organisation (wto) regarding the farm bill that would deprive the

Battle lines are drawn as drought proofing remains a distant dream

As the water crisis surfaces yet again, illegal borewells spring up in and around Delhi. Binayak Das and Suresh Babu on a plummeting water table and rising official apathy

ANNA HAZARE bids a heavy hearted farewell to the late Vilasrao Salunkhe, better known as pani baba . Salunkhe s revolutionary concept of pani panchayats worked on one simple precept: water is a common property resource an

Where does Afghanistan go from here? Does it have the capacity to utilise the funds? There are too many players, too many interests and too much confusion

Despite marathon wars, Afghan resilience is intact. So is their affiliation to localised independence

Afghanistan, the badland of international politics, faces its toughest challenge: life and peace. Two decades of war, six months of non stop bombing and incessant US efforts to establish a friendly government, make this a bitter dream. One tenth of its po

Demands made by the All India Conference of Heads of Panchayats for the state and Union governments to implement within December 31, 2002. • Hold elections to Panchayats; • State

Thirst pangs lead to violence in various states

Heads of panchayats arrived in the Capital to demand the power to effectively run the traditional self government