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"I took the responsibility of spreading water harvesting because of two reasons. One, it would have ensured water in the scarce areas," he says. For equally important for him was the "opportunity it

A 10-year US $4.76 billion rehabilitation and development plan for water supply, sewerage and drainage has been submitted by the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) to the city district government of

Migratory birds stage a comeback after a long hiatus as Kashmir wetlands get a fresh lease of life

For just us $101 billion a year in medical research and treatments, 8,000,000 lives can be saved annually in the developing world. More

A new report

Aerosols could be wrecking havoc with the Earth s water cycle

the land of the mighty Chomolungma (Mt Everest) and the mother of many 8,000-metre-high snow-capped peaks, Nepal has no less than 6,000 odd fast-flowing rivers and a total annual outflow of 150

to ensure that Britain meets the targets laid by the European Commission(ec), the government has promised to

Urban rainwater harvesting will require a strategy that has different components. We have to recognise that just passing a law is not enough

The Supreme Court has asked Uttar Pradesh to identify appropriate land to set up oxidation plants to treat sewage before being discharged into the river. The areas are to be identified at Lakhimpur,