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Keeping ones mouth shut? Even the sharks know this, if we are to believe David Sims of the University of Aberdeen in the uk . According to Sims, basking sharks know when to keep their mouth shut,

saudi arabia has banned the import of beef from South Africa because of

eco-friendly truck: J Sainsbury Plc of the uk has deve

India s most agriculturally prosperous state, Punjab, is staring at an impending groundwater crisis. Over extraction of groundwater and faulty cropping practices could affect India s foodgrain production

the Turkish government has placed the town of Golcuk in quarantine to guard against the spread of diseases following the devastating earthquake in the

new biofertiliser: Hyderabad-based Pratistha Industries Limited has come up with an indigenous techno

Water lilies or nymphea can restore the purity of polluted rivers and other water sources. They can treat wastewater of residential as well as industrial areas, said scientists working at Hebrew

... and sewage a strong political will is needed to get rid of them?

Only 2.5 per cent of all the world's water is fresh, that is, fit for human consumption, agriculture and industry. However, in several parts of the world, water is being used at a much faster rate

NDA's promise on water is nothing more than words. And at best it means a lot of valuable taxpayer money literally thrown down the drain