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if an efficient water management system is guaranteed, people are willing to pay for clean water. According to a study carried out by Purnamita Dasgupta of the Institute of Economic Growth in

The people of Bichhri , a village

Most Indians are defenceless against the fine toxic particles in the air largely products of vehicular emissions and scientists are finding newer and deadlier things about pollution. Surprisingly, this is not confined to metropolitan cities. Evidence

The food situation in drought-hit Kenya is a cause for serious concern. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ), there has been a sharp increase in deaths due to

the uk plans to reduce its nuclear sea discharges by up to 85 per cent by 2020 to meet its European commitments, announced Michael Meacher, the country's environment minister. He said the

At least 21 million citizens of Nairobi are facing acute water shortage. Citizens allege that mismanagement, corruption and lack of preparedness on the part the government officials have led to the

The road map for the air quality management system to be set up in Delhi

A White Paper for Sustainable Coastal Development was released by Valli Moosa, the environment minister of South Africa recently. The document emphasises the importance of considering all aspects of

Water harvesting structures do not reduce the quantity of water flowing into the lower dams, they only streamline the flow over the year