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the newly-elected Punjab chief minister Prakash Singh Badal's move to provide free irrigation water and electricity to farmers will only harm the economy and the environment, without helping those

drugs containing narcotics and psychotropic substances can now be easily imported, thanks to a new set of guidelines being issued by the World Health Organization (who). The new rules aim to

The existence of laws and policies in Australia that affect wetland protection and rehabilitation has been ascertained. There is a diverse range of environmental legislation, primarily at the state level, that potentially affects wetlands.

It is not everyday that approximately 30,000 people from far-flung corners of India, as well as representatives from nearby countries like Nepal and Thailand, gather to discuss a not so juicy issue

Nothing more than a vote catcher, Andhra Pradesh s cheap rice scheme has resulted in an ecological disaster in its drought prone areas

Christine Milne , leader of the Tasmanian green party, was recently in New Delhi to attend the New Horizons programme, an effort to promote better understanding between Indian and Australian policymakers. Milne, an admirer of Ma

developing water resources in the eastern Himalayan region through integra

Anna Hazare , the force behind Maharashtra s model village of Ralegan Siddhi and the Adarsh Gaon Yojana Ideal Village Programme , is also in the limelight for his crusade against corruption in public life.

In the last decade pan evaporation measured at the Southern Dead Sea has significantly increased. Wind, temperature and humidity measurements at the Dead Sea starting in the 1930s as well as 3-D model simulations all seem to indicate a statistically significant change in the local climate of the Dead Sea region. The potential contribution to this climatic change through the weakening of the local land-sea breeze circulation caused by the reduction in the Dead Sea surface area in 1979–1981, is examined.

The book narrates the adventure of twelve-year-old twins Ishita and Sujai at the Chilika lake in Orissa. The book tells about the experiences of Ishita and Sujai with local fisher folk and their problems. It also talks degradation of the lake due silt and sewage and how the twins get influenced by the turn of events to participate in the protest march to save the lake.