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A pricing mechanism and harvesting techniques will solve water crisis

The Orissa government s decision to increase water cess for irrigation may spell doom for the state s farmers

Human activities are releasing tiny particles (aerosols) into the atmosphere. These human-made aerosols enhance scattering and absorption of solar radiation. They also produce brighter clouds that are less efficient at releasing precipitation. These in turn lead to large reductions in the amount of solar irradiance reaching Earth's surface, a corresponding increase in solar heating of the atmosphere, changes in the atmospheric temperature structure, suppression of rainfall, and less efficient removal of pollutants.

A dispuet is brewing between TN and Kerala over a controversial dam

Even the best needs to be better for a clear distinction between leaders and laggards

Expressing anger over the dilly

japan's Atomic Power Corporation will begin dismantling in December 2001 the country's oldest commercial nuclear reactor. The 166,000-kilowatt nuclear reactor, commissioned in 1966, will become the

Given the state dominated water supply systems, little effort has been made to get rural communities to develop and manage their own water supply systems

India s forests are not wilderness but habitats. Our wildlife management strategy must for this reason be inclusive of people who live in our national parks and not treat them as biotic interference . An inept wildlife management policy ensures nobody wi

What the CAG report says on India s scientific institutions