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Chennai shores up its laws to curb groundwater depletion, with renewed emphasis on rainwater harvesting

Chennai s laws on rainwater harvesting

Filmmaker Amar Kanwar in conversation with Binayak Das

Experts feel that the Indus delta is fast drying up and devastating the lower Sindh region in Pakistan. There has been very little water in the river downstream of Kotri for five years now, which has

During the last hundred years or so, deforestation and wind-water borne soil erosion have been steadily increasing and have now become the major environmental problems the world over.

Jharkhand Pollution Control Board chief in eligibility row

The Ahmedabad lesson: wipe out lakes and you will face water scarcity and seasonal floods

How to create real estate out of waterbodies

Mexico's proposed plan to pay off its long-standing water debt to the us within five years is ambitious but not substantial. The plan put forward by the national water commission calls for

The Valencia water tribunal has stood strong for a thousand years; will modern day pressures crush its influence?