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Scheme will help tackle drought, says PM

Pharmaceutical company seeks to use human data to promote pesticides

Rainfall is scarce, groundwater levels have fallen; what exactly is happening in Rajasthan?

It's a battle for the basics now between Israelis and Palestinians. Israeli infrastructure minister Effie Eitam has ordered a ban on all water drilling by Palestinians in West Bank. He alleges that

Does the concept of interlinking India's rivers hold water? The debate rages on...

Is industry hijacking the law to undermine communities rights to water?

With the introduction of national standards for organic foods in the us, the fastest growing sector of American agriculture has received a major impetus. The new guidelines stipulate that all

US body targets Kazaa users after futile bid to restrain music provider

FLY BY GOA - THE CHANGING SHORES . P V Sathe . 30 Minutes . August . 2002 . Price: Rs 500 This gripping film captures the changes that have taken place in Goa in the last 30 years in just 30

Bis Hazari lake in the buffer zone of Nepal's Royal Chitawan National Park (RCNP) is getting a facelift. Efforts are on to sanitise and beautify the picturesque waterbody. The district development