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A severe oil spill in the Russian arctics has bulldozed the environment and created resentment among the local people. As the government reels under its aftermath, the World Bank offers Russia a loan to mop up the spill

High-altitude cleaning efforts in the Khumbu region of Nepal have made trekking more pleasurable now, reports Himal. The Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) is supervising a programme that

Now Americans can windowshop to glory without stepping out of their homes. Shopping Network (HSN) and America Online Inc (AOL), the 2 front-runners in the television retailing and computer-networking

Yet another burning oil slick, the third-largest reported in history, threatens the ecologically-fragile Arctic. The 60,000-tonne slick in the Russian province of Komi has reportedly originated from

Tourism is dealing a body blow to the Maldivian government's waste management, as it leads to piling up of garbage every year. LTU, a Germah airline, has offered help in an innovative way. As

A British chemical company, Thor Holdings, has been hauled up to the London High Court by 2 workers in South Africa suffering from severe mercury poisoning, and by the family of a man who died from

Central Asian states wrangle over water use, even as the world's 4th largest inland waterbody dries up

Post communist Siberia has hardly any paved streets, but is brimming with cellular phones and $40,000 jeeps

In late September, Vulcan and Tavurvur - 2 volcanoe near the port of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea, spewed out dense smoke and poisonous fumes, throwing the country into a panic, Suffocated

Channels and valleys observed on the Martian surface and meteorites of Martian origin indicate that once there might have been water on the planet