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Economic Instruments EIs need to be launched carefully in India

The Thai government will use the satellites of the National Aeronautical Space Administration ( nasa ) to assess the spread of the country's worst outbreak of malaria in five years. The

the Union government's consultative group on land and water care has launched a land care movement for fostering community-centred food and water security system in nine states. This is a follow

The Rajasthan government believes that it has a right over every raindrop and makes a move to demolish a water harvesting structure set up by local people to meet their water requirements

Facing its worst drought in 90 years, South Korea has mobilised a fifth of its military force to help combat the situation. At least 130,000 troops were sent to 90 worst-hit regions armed with

Two people were killed in Pakistan during protests against water scarcity

a proposal to declare water as a national asset to ensure proper utilisation of various water resources has been rejected by many non-governmental organisations ( ngo s). The proposal was made

Environmental degradation would undermine China s food security in the coming 30 years

india has rejected a report of the World Commission on Dams ( wcd ) that discussed the problems related to the construction of big dams. The government representatives also boycotted a meeting

The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) of Pakistan has introduced a plan