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To meet the power demands of rice mills, a small-scale unit based

Sharing of the Teesta river water

If we were to build a water splurging society like the West, we would eventually run short of water

Mismanaging water can create a crisis and lead to panic. This is exactly what led to a water riot near Jamnagar in Gujarat

Pollution reached its highest recorded level in Hong Kong during the first week of the New Year as low winds and dirty air from the mainland left the area cloaked in smog. The air pollution index at

With very few non-

Oceanographers have discovered significant plumes of chemicals

Dear Prime Minister, This is a year of severe drought in Gujarat and western Madhya Pradesh - an area that is well known for natural disasters of this kind. During the last general elections, your

This paper presents the potential of rainwater harvesting for drought-proofing India's villages. It urges members of parliament and state legislative assemblies to ensure that the governments take up rainwater harvesting on a large scale to improve local food security. There is enough rainwater in every village of India to meet drinking water needs and critical needs of agriculture. This strategy would complement India's current water management and agricultural strategy which aims at ensuring national food security rather than local food security.

This is a directory which presents information about water harvesters and the work they are doing in different parts of India and abroad. It keeps people informed about water harvesting activities and experiences in different regions. It is a platform in print that helps experts and activists to get in touch with each other.