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fifty of the 69 rivers in Europe have poor ecological quality and most European countries have inadequate environmental monitoring systems, a new report states. Water and Wetland Index by

Almost 3,000 tonnes of dangerous pesticides stored at nearly 1,000 sites around Ethiopia are threatening the health of millions of people and contaminating the soil and water resources. "These

Ground water levels in Kathmandu , Nepal's capital , are falling because of increasing industrialisation and urbanisation.This was stated in the State of Environment Nepal 2001report , which has been

The Supreme Court has stayed a project of the Uttaranchal government to build

With water scarcity gripping many parts of the country, people are talking about rainwater harvesting, but none about wastewater, which can also be recycled to boost our fast depleting water resources

Turtle excluder devices can reduce turtle deaths. But a web of politics and government laxity prevents their use

Nepal s forest bureaucracy prepares for the funeral of the much hailed community forest management programme

the Union government's much-delayed plan to introduce ethanol-blended petrol is finally being implemented. Field trials will soon begin at Miraj

Water warriors from across India shared their experiences in harvesting water at a conference, which aimed to Make Water Everybody s Business

"CSE's book is a Jai Veda.Like the sacred vedasit is based on experiences" -RAJENDRA SINGHTarun Bharat SanghAlwarRajasthan "I have not found a better place to take pride in my work (water