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smokeless autos: Two low-emission cars recently rolled out of Honda Motor Co of Japan. The emission levels of the two models - Civic Ferio LEV and the Partner 1.6 LEV - are only one-tenth of those

Scientific implementation of developmental programmes is needed for the optimal utilisation of water resources

The Taiwanese government has earned the wrath of the Yami people residing in the Orchid Islands - 62 km east of the country's southern tip - for dumping of nuclear waste for 14 long years by the

THE recently concluded International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development, at the University of Roorkee in Uttar Pradesh, furs recommended developing the nation's economy in an

Homicide by Pesticides: words of shared concern

the newly-elected Punjab chief minister Prakash Singh Badal's move to provide free irrigation water and electricity to farmers will only harm the economy and the environment, without helping those

drugs containing narcotics and psychotropic substances can now be easily imported, thanks to a new set of guidelines being issued by the World Health Organization (who). The new rules aim to

The existence of laws and policies in Australia that affect wetland protection and rehabilitation has been ascertained. There is a diverse range of environmental legislation, primarily at the state level, that potentially affects wetlands.

It is not everyday that approximately 30,000 people from far-flung corners of India, as well as representatives from nearby countries like Nepal and Thailand, gather to discuss a not so juicy issue

Nothing more than a vote catcher, Andhra Pradesh s cheap rice scheme has resulted in an ecological disaster in its drought prone areas