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Three dams could bailout Delhi if plans flow right...

Who will fill the city's depleting aquifers?

There are both in Delhi criminal waste, unendurable want. And in this city of verdant veneers, nowhere does the callous politics of dispossession show its slip more than in the titanic economics of water. Water led the way to the formation of cities; th

URBAN India faces a water crisis Madras to Jodhpur, most cities are already facing the crippling effects of scarcity. There is hardly any city in India that canboast of a 24-hour water supply. But

"For a long time now, we have been calculating the number of people below and above the poverty line. And, these numbers have become a hot political issue. But the important thing is to eradicate

Warer cess assessment and collection have proved to be inadequate in getting local bodies and highly industrialised states like Maharashtra to pay their dues.

Interpreting dreams to help diagnosis was a major topic of discussion at a two-day convention organised by the Indian Homoeopathic Institute at Vijayawada in December 1993. The participants agreed

The recently held Dhaka summit, sponsored by the Global Infrastructure Research Foundation, addressed the critical question of exploiting the potential of eastern Himalayan rivers and took positive steps towards identifying key projects and consensus on i

Vachati village, where the residents openly defy the authorities, has acquired a reputation for collective smuggling.

Recycling water and chemicals has resulted in drastic reduction of effluents from Surat's textile units.