Barely a few days before Israel pulled out its forces from Gaza, its incursion had choked off chlorine supplies to the coastal strip, making water-borne epidemics imminent. The Coastal

The erratic and heavy rainfall last year has turned a large part of the deep desert country into a vast submerged landscape.
Barmer District, Thar Desert, Rajasthan has an average rainfall of 280 mm annually, but during the monsoon of 2006 it received about 600 mm of rain within 2

Although postconflict Afghanistan has some of the worst health indicators in theworld, the government is working hard to rebuild the health infrastructure, extend services to underserved areas and improve the quality of health services. An outbreak of cholera that struck Kabul and spread nationwide in 2005, prompted a collaborative response from the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, partner agencies, and the system established to
provide the Basic Package of Health Services, of which diarrhoeal disease control is an essential component.This

To obtain an assessment of bacteriological quality of drinking water of the district of Lakhimpur, Assam as many as 168 drinking water samples were collected from different sources of the district and analysed. During analysis it was found that 58.2% samples have coliform MPN more than 10 and 40% have faecal contamination.

zinc supplements are widely promoted only in the oral rehydration therapy to treat diarrhoea. Plans to use it as a general supplement, have suffered a setback with a new study proving that they

I read newspapers and I watch the news unfold on scores of television channels. But in spite of these sources that keep me informed about current affairs, I would not know that floods are still

A cholera outbreak has ravaged Orissa's tribal-dominated Kalahandi, Koraput and Rayagada districts since early August. The state government says the region has reported 119 deaths so far. About

The floods in South Asia, which was one of the worst in recent times, have claimed hundreds of lives. By the second week of August, the floods had affected more than 20 million people and claimed

Water contamination led to the resignation of two ministers in Jordan following pressure from media and opposition parties. Jordan's water minister Mohammad al-Alem and health minister Saad

Globally, about 25 per cent of diseases are caused by environmental exposures, causing 13 million deaths yearly About 33 per cent of the diseases in children under age five are also caused the