Check dams have marked a watershed in the chronically parched village of Hivare in Maharashtra

"For a long time now, we have been calculating the number of people below and above the poverty line. And, these numbers have become a hot political issue. But the important thing is to eradicate

CAN REGENERATING villages revive denuded hills? And, vice versa, can regenerating hills revive impoverished villages? Daulat Ram, the old man of Sukhomajri, a Gujjar hamlet near Chandigarh, once

Impoverished tribals living in the shadow of the Sahyadri hills show how degraded land can be revived by simply working unitedly

After supporting India's forestry programmes for almost two decades, the World Bank now is moving toward arrogating to itself governance of the country's forests.

Pressure from environmentalists has induced the World bank to greatly modify its forestry strategy at least twice since 1950.

"The Raindrop" is about a village near Chandigarh in Haryana. The book tells the story how this village was able to transform itself from a drought prone one to a food exporting one through community efforts and scientific watershed management.

Farm forestry was promoted in India in the late 1970s to produce fuelwood for rural consumption. The program was immensly successful in the green revolution region in the early 1980s, but farmers produced wood for markets, and not to meet local needs. This market orientation of farmers was recognized in the new National Forest Policy of 1988. Lately, two serious problems have been noted. First, the program remained confined only to the commercialized and monetized regions, and elsewhere made little impact.

THE current drought across central and western India and Kerala is forcing attention once again on how to deal with the problem. Ecologists have always had a deep interest in the problem, their

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