To facilitate the growth of agricultural sector in the state, the government will set up a mega food park in Wayanad.

KALPETTA: The seasonal migration of animals to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary from sanctuaries in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has begun. Herds of wild elephants, wild gaur, different species of antelopes, bears and numerous birds migrate to the Wayanad sanctuary during summer due to availability of water and fodder throughout the year.

A study conducted of the sickle-cell anaemia patients among the Chettys in Wayanad district of Kerala exposes the failure of public action in healthcare. It emphasises the need for sustainable care of these patients, which can be made available only if panchayats take an active interest. But the sick get less support from the panchayats and mainstream political parties.

New Delhi: The Ministry of Environment and Forests has turned down the Kerala government

Corporate retail giants are quietly consolidating their position even in politically sensitive States such as Kerala.

Most of the relief packages to tackle the farm crisis do not cover agricultural labourers, who largely belong to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. This article analyses the situation of agricultural labourers in the crisis-affected districts of Kerala

The applicants are mother and son, having two acres of land. They availed a loan of Rs.30,000 on November 7, 2002. They were regularly making payments.

Satellite images show fires along Nilgiri, Agastyarkoodam; grasslands in Upper Sanatorium area and Kambimoodu destroyed

State stands to gain from welfare schemes announced for minorities Roughly four lakh farmers in Kerala are expected to gain from the debt relief measures announced by Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram's farmer-friendly budget. Since the huge majority of farmers in debt in Kerala are marginal (holding below one hectare) and small (below two hectares), their debts could be totally waived. And a sizeable number of them will be from two districts, Wayanad and Idukki, and most of them will be the so-called

You can knock off two more tigers from the 1,411 count. Days after the national tiger count came up with this alarmingly low figure for tigers left in the wild, forest officials have seized two tiger skins