Paper questions the methodology used by govt to show 30% rise in tiger population

A recent study conducted by an evaluation team to asses the implementation of a special livestock scheme (Vidharbha package) of the State government for the farmers of suicide-hit districts in the

While the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act 2001 is a progressive piece of legislation that recognises farmers' rights to seed, it demands payment of an annual maintenance fee by the farmers to protect the varieties which they have been cultivating and conserving for years, only because these varieties have been brought under legal protection through national legislation.

KOZHIKODE: Amid raging debate among conservation scientists over the methodology adopted for the country's latest tiger count which some say could have resulted in 'inflated' numbers, the camera tr

Four new fish species have been found in Kerala, the college professor who made the discovery has said.

The forests in Wayanad, a district with the highest forest cover in the state, are inadvertently paying the price for the Malayali’s love for beef.

Malabar's legendary black pepper is becoming extinct in Wayanad, the very place from where shiploads were once exported across the world and for whose monopoly several European nations sunk fortune

Wild growth of invasive alien plants such as Senna spectabilis (calceolaria shower), Lantana , Eupatorium and Parthenium is posing a threat to wildlife and indigenous plants in the forest areas of

While tiger conservation efforts in the country have started giving encouraging results, tiger biologists fear a probable increase in human-wildlife conflict if prompt measures are not taken to dea

A unique fresh water fish species with special characteristics was identified in Kabani river of Wayanad.