New York: The year 2008 is likely to be ranked as the 10th warmest year on record since the beginning of the instrumental climate records in 1850, although the global average temperature was slightly lower than previous years of the 21st century, according to the UN meteorological agency.

In changing climate conditions, it is the

Forecasting weather conditions helps farmers to adjust and manage their cropping activities. It becomes all the more important with the changes in climatic conditions gaining significance. While scientific forecasting is being done in different ways, the author has based his forecasting on the planetary positions.

This factsheet provides the information on the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder(AIRS), which advances climate research
and weather prediction into the 21st century. AIRS is one of six
instruments onboard Aqua, a satellite that is part of NASA

This brochure describes the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder.
AIRS enhances the quality of global meteorological observations which yields considerable economic benefits through more reliable climate prediction, improved weather forecasts, better understanding of the factors influencing air quality, and mitigation of the economic and human costs of natural hazards.

Performance of four mesoscale models namely, the MM5, ETA, RSM and WRF, run at NCMRWF for short range weather forecasting has been examined during monsoon-2006.

At the Mohonk Mountain House, a handful of dedicated people have been meticulously recording the weather and natural occurrences for decades, building a treasure chest of climatological data


What's going to happen over the next decade? New Scientist looks at the latest forecasts - and how reliable they are.

We need more accurate climate forecasts, even if their predictions threaten to weaken the political imperative to tackle emissions. (Editorial)