Only when farming is based upon "natural principles" can it be truly sustainable. Ecological farming is based on nurturing and nourishing the soils. Emphasizing soil conservation and building up organic matter are key to maintain these natural ecological balances in crop ecosystems. Mojo plantation is one such attempt.

Shimla: Thwarting the march of the invasive alien species, which pose a major threat to the indigenous flora, will be the main focus of the state Forest Department during the International Year of Forests.

Weeds like lantana, ageratum, parthenium (Congress grass) and eupatorium have over the years usurped several lakh hectares of forest land and their march is continuing unabated.

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BHUBANESWAR: Chilika is under invasion.

The Bt gene gave cotton farmers freedom from bollworm.

Heavy metals are one of the prominent sources of pollution in industrial wastewater and excessive presence of these metals is causing severe health and environmental problems.

Agriculture is affected by climate change, with particularly adverse effects in developing countries. Climate change also influences the ecology of weeds, pests and disease, with possible implications for crop protection and pesticide use. Elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) influences plant growth and the nutritional quality of most plant species, with potential bottom up effects.

Engineered glyphosate resistance is the most widely adopted genetically modified trait in agriculture, gaining widespread acceptance by providing a simple robust weed control system.

Lantana is a rapidly growing obnoxious weed though it has potential of purposeful utilization. Preservation of bamboo during storage with the help of preservative of natural origin i.e. Lantana extract may result in saving of material.

More weeds are evolving resistance to glyphosate

Invasion by exotic species is among the most important global-scale problems experienced by natural ecosystems. Studies document that floristic changes that emerge after habitat fragmentation may be due to invasion by exotic weeds.