About 50% of the land in Bangladesh is classified as wetlands, and major part of this area is covered by freshwater wetlands, the total area of the wetlands of the country has been estimated at seven to eight million hectors.

The fisheries department stands accused of violating its brief to protect water bodies across the state by constructing an auditorium on the East Calcutta Wetlands.

Benfish, an agency of the department that has been executing the project, has even ignored a stop-work order from the chief secretary.

Deepor Beel, the State

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday suo motu enlarged the scope of an eightyear-old PIL seeking protection of vanishing wetlands in the country and asked the Centre to detail within four weeks the steps it has taken to solve the growing water crisis faced by the people.

GUWAHATI, March 19

In his attempt to track avian flu in China, Peng Gong ended up creating the only comprehensive wetlands map the country has. When Gong compared that map, described in an article published in Chinese last month, to another as-yet unpublished one, he found that nearly 30% of China

In an ironic twist, the decidedly authoritarian government of China has received much praise of late from Western environmentalists, who tend to cast themselves as anti-authoritarian types. China has indeed made laudable efforts in many fields, ranging from wind energy to vehicle-emission standards and pollution control. It has even outlawed free plastic bags.

The high court on Friday indicted the state for its failure to implement orders to protect the East Calcutta Wetlands and other water bodies.

Date: 18-Feb-09
Country: BRAZIL
Author: Raymond Colitt

CORUMBA - Jaguars still roam the world's largest wetland and endangered Hyacinth Macaws nest in its trees but advancing farms and industries are destroying Brazil's Pantanal region at an alarming rate.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala government has conveyed its objections to the Centre on the draft Regulatory Framework for Wetlands Conservation notified by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.