The Ramsar Convention of IUCN held in 1971 in Iran raised global

Bellanwila-Attidiya marsh, the only remaining wetland in Colombo, Srilanka is facing a threat due to encroachment and fillings. The marsh has been identified as an important one in the Asian

There is more water than land in north Bihar. The rivers that ramble down from the Himalaya feed numerous depressions scattered all over the plains making wetlands innumerable, one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth. Rich in flora and fauna, it i

East Timbalier, one of the islands that protect the Louisiana coastal wetlands in the us, is expected to disappear in just a few years, perhaps as early as 2004. Narrowed and cut by hurricanes and

The destruction of wetlands began more than a thousand years ago

Almost 40 per cent of all wetlands in Assam are under threat

Some 20 experts in river-basin management, sustainable development and other environmental fields from North America met Costa Rican leaders who deal with these problems on a local, regional

India has listed 16 wetlands under the Ramsar sites, but with no policies, knowledge or interest shown by the authorities, proper management is impossible? Brij Gopal speaks to Lian Chawii on thi

Development work destroying wetlands, wildlife habitat in Bhopal

The Guwahati high court has asked the state