in what is being seen as perhaps the first attempt in the world, a study conduc

George Archibald , director, International Crane Foundation ICF , USA, has been a regular visitor to Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur. In 1993 94, an attempt was made to introduce captive reared

Keep out the buffaloes and the cranes will also stay out of wetlands. There is more to controlled grazing and conservation of wetlands than the Indian forest officials and scientists are willing to accept. Here are some lessons from Bharatpur and other pa

Following exclusion of grazing animals from the Azraq Wetland Reserve in 1995, the wetland has become totally dominated

Though Spain celebrates for saving Donana national park, danger still brews, say experts

Beyond the tigers of Sunderbans: A closer look at the leeches and the beautiful blue devil

the India-Canada Environment Facility has approved Rs 17.58 crore for two environment projects in India. In the first project, the icef has approved a grant of Rs 3.20 crore to the World

...are the local wetlands in Assam on account of short sighted flood control measures and unsavoury fishing practices

Beels are shallow waterbodies with rich macrophytic vegetation. The recent satellite survey undertaken by the Assam Remote Sensing Application Centre, shows that there are as many as 3,536 wetlands

the world wide Fund for Nature (wwf) made a strong plea for the conservation and restoration of wetlands throughout the world on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day on February 1. Despite