CONSERVATIONISTS in the UK plan to use explosions and gunfire to scare migrant birds away from parts of a wintering site poisoned by an environmental disaster. They will lay down food in less

Pollution of wetlands can increase emission of the greenhouse gas methane

ENVIRONMENTALISTS from Japan and other Countries are protesting against a government -funded dike, which has dried out the Isahaya wetlands in the Nagasaki Prefecture. The once-thriving wet-lands

The latest furore in South Africa is over the Cloudy Creek or Rietspruit wetland on the south bank of the Vaal river. The Sasol Chemical Industries wants to strip mine the area for coal as

A wetland in the St Lucia estuary on the cast coast in KwaZUILI-Natal province was saved from devastation when the country's cabinet banned the development of a mineral sands project by

Real estate developers and government agencies are devouring the wetlands in communist ruled Calcutta

The Other Wealth (63 mins, directed by Sudipto Sen), described by its producer, Mise-en-Scene, as "a tale of magic wetlands, its people and their technology", is about an outstanding example of waste

The rediscovery of the value of wetlands the world over will be short lived if they are not properly managed and conserved

The new US Environmental Protection Agency administrator Carol Browner, the new Environmental Protection Agency administrator, has a tough job ahead, balancing ecology and industry.

CALCUTTA is famed worldwide for its sewage fisheries -- wetlands that use industrial and domestic sewage for fish cultivation. But the Mudially Fishermen's Cooperative Society needed a helping hand