A floating plant shows Kolkata wetlands are turning toxic

In economic terms, they are worth US $70 billion per year

Invasive alien species threaten biodiversity of Sri Lanka

The Chilika lake is still dying. But there are indications that once the Ramsar International Mission submits its report, the lagoon may be out of the Montreaux Record. The joint secretary, union

Wetlands lost to agriculture can be reclaimed with relative ease, but they will not regain their former flora and fauna without a huge effort, according to research

Will the song of the sarus be heard when the wetlands of Uttar Pradesh are drained?

a us government programme that permits landowners to destroy wetlands if they create or restore others is proving to be detrimental for the environment, a panel of scientists has observed.

Ladakh's high altitude wetlands are under severe stress from the livestock population as well as tourist influx

Half the watershed area of the world's freshwater systems is estimated to have been lost in the twentieth century, as land was converted to agriculture and urban use, or levelled to combat diseases

Bihar wetlands may be the only place in the world where makhana is grown on a commercial basis