the much-publicised 'breakthrough' for tuberculosis (tb), hailed by the World Health Organization (who) as capable of bringing the global epidemic under control, has been criticised by top tb

millions of people in tropical regions of Asia, Africa and South America suffer from permanent disability due to leprosy, river blindness, Chagas disease and lymphatic filariasis. The World Health

promoting non-chlorofluorocarbon (cfc) refrigerators worldwide, to ensure the safety of the ozone layer, is having

With the world perilously close to a global crisis in infectious diseases, the UN health body has chalked out a 20-point programme on how to prevent it. WHO has admitted that the promised slogan of

A WHO report on Southeast Asia blames poverty for the rot

As every available nook and corner on an already burdened earth sells for sky-rocketing prices, the raging issue of crowded cities,with,popu- lation tearing at its seams, once again takes centre

The UN Educational, Social and Cultural Organization is convinced that the Nepalese are not taking proper care of their national landmarks which feature in the agency's World Heritage Site list. It

Polio eradication targets strike a wrong note, while the WHO waxes eloquent

Hailed till recently as a model of efficiency and productivity, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is reeling under a barrage of criticism today. A UN-commissioned review of its operations

Smoking cigarettes could soon become the leading cause of adult death in the world