India hosts major aggregations of turtles, especially olive ridleys. The present debate over the construction of a port at Dhamra and other ports along the Orissa coast is part of long-standing controversy about turtles in this region.

Nature-loving visitors to protected animal reserves can make carnivorous animals like bobcats and coyotes scarper, a new study says.

People in Niger have social rules about relations with the big cat It will be a major problem, if the lion vanishes

Maharashtra preparing to relocate people but without groundwork

V Krithiga I

WHILE the deer population in this district is exploding, forcing them to move out of their habitat for food and water, the government is sitting on a proposal to provide solar fencing around the forests. The Rs 75 lakh solar fencing plan was aimed at avoiding man-animal conflict.

Flying in tigers to Sariska was not half as difficult as securing their future will be It was Sariska

The Chhattisgarh forest department has issued orders to shoot a wild elephant responsible for the death of eight villagers in Jashpur district over a span of three months. Jashpur divisional forest officer O P Yadav told TOI,

In your Editorial 'Two symbols, one solution' (Nature 453, 427; 2008) on symbols used to publicize the challenges of global warming, you caution against focusing on animals rather than people. But symbols can be powerful

Madikeri: The Forest Department considering the ongoing tiff between the wild tuskers and human beings for survival has submitted a plan of Rs 350 crores to the state Government with the aim of finding permanent solution. The plan is intended to be implemented over a period of 5 years. The plan has been chalked out by Conservator of Forest ,Kodagu Circle, Ga Nam Shrikantaiah, based on the deliberations of the meeting held on June 17 at Aranya Bhavan.

Protected areas (PAs) have long been criticized as creations of and for an elite few, where associated costs, but few benefits, are borne by marginalized rural communities.